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About Unisted States of America

United States is composed of 50 states and has a population of 326 million inhabitants in 2016 and the area is 9833517 km2. The capital of the United States is Washington, DC. The predominantly spoken language is English, followed by the Spanish. The current president is Donald Trump (elected November 8, 2016), in office since January 20, 2017. Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States, his vice president is Mike Pence.

The United States became in the 1870s the world's leading economic power. In 2014, GDP is $ 17416 billion, about one-fifth of world GDP. The United States is the world's largest economy, by nominal GDP, ahead of China, but the second after China since 2014, according to the latest World Bank estimates, for GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP). ).

The main distances consulted are : Distance Kansas City New York City, Distance Long Beach New York City, Distance Mesa New York City, Distance Staten Island New York City, Distance Atlanta New York City, Distance Colorado Springs New York City, Distance Virginia Beach New York City, Distance Raleigh New York City, Distance Omaha New York City, Distance Miami New York City, Distance Oakland New York City, Distance Minneapolis New York City, Distance Tulsa New York City, Distance Wichita New York City, Distance New Orleans New York City, Distance Arlington New York City, Distance Cleveland New York City, Distance Bakersfield New York City, Distance Honolulu New York City, Distance Tampa New York City, Distance Aurora New York City, Distance Anaheim New York City, Distance West Raleigh New York City, Distance Santa Ana New York City, Distance Corpus Christi New York City, Distance Riverside New York City, Distance St. Louis New York City, Distance Lexington-Fayette New York City, Distance Stockton New York City, Distance Pittsburgh New York City, Distance Anchorage New York City, Distance Cincinnati New York City, Distance Meads New York City, Distance Ironville New York City, Distance Henderson New York City, Distance Greensboro New York City, Distance Saint Paul New York City, Distance Plano New York City, Distance Newark New York City, Distance Toledo New York City, etc...

USA largest cities

VillesPopulationsDistance depuis Washington
New York City8,175,133 habitants329 km
Los Angeles3,971,883 habitants3,696 km
Chicago2,720,546 habitants958 km
Brooklyn2,300,664 habitants328 km
Houston2,296,224 habitants1,962 km
Queens2,272,771 habitants338 km
Philadelphia1,567,442 habitants199 km
Phoenix1,563,025 habitants3,186 km
Manhattan1,487,536 habitants336 km
San Antonio1,469,845 habitants2,232 km
San Diego1,394,928 habitants3,657 km
The Bronx1,385,108 habitants347 km
Dallas1,300,092 habitants1,905 km
San Jose1,026,908 habitants3,893 km
Austin931,830 habitants2,120 km
Jacksonville868,031 habitants1,043 km
San Francisco864,816 habitants3,923 km
Columbus850,106 habitants526 km
Fort Worth833,319 habitants1,951 km
Indianapolis829,718 habitants791 km
Charlotte827,097 habitants530 km
Seattle684,451 habitants3,741 km
Denver682,545 habitants2,399 km
El Paso681,124 habitants2,776 km
Detroit677,116 habitants636 km
Boston667,137 habitants635 km
Memphis655,770 habitants1,228 km
New South Memphis641,608 habitants1,231 km
Portland632,309 habitants3,782 km
Oklahoma City631,346 habitants1,852 km
Las Vegas623,747 habitants3,353 km
Baltimore621,849 habitants57 km
Washington, D.C.601,723 habitants0 km
Milwaukee600,155 habitants1,022 km
South Boston571,281 habitants634 km
Albuquerque559,121 habitants2,655 km
Tucson531,641 habitants3,138 km
Nashville530,852 habitants912 km
Fresno520,052 habitants3,731 km
Sacramento490,712 habitants3,821 km
Kansas City475,378 habitants1,515 km
Long Beach474,140 habitants3,703 km
Mesa471,825 habitants3,165 km
Staten Island468,730 habitants310 km
Atlanta463,878 habitants873 km
Colorado Springs456,568 habitants2,399 km
Virginia Beach452,745 habitants246 km
Raleigh451,066 habitants375 km
Omaha443,885 habitants1,628 km
Miami441,003 habitants1,490 km
Oakland419,267 habitants3,910 km
Minneapolis410,939 habitants1,501 km
Tulsa403,505 habitants1,698 km
Wichita389,965 habitants1,775 km
New Orleans389,617 habitants1,554 km
Arlington388,125 habitants1,932 km
Cleveland388,072 habitants491 km
Bakersfield373,640 habitants3,714 km
Honolulu371,657 habitants7,780 km
Tampa369,075 habitants1,318 km
Aurora359,407 habitants2,386 km
Anaheim350,742 habitants3,676 km
West Raleigh338,759 habitants375 km
Santa Ana335,400 habitants3,676 km
Corpus Christi324,074 habitants2,252 km
Riverside322,424 habitants3,627 km
St. Louis315,685 habitants1,142 km
Lexington-Fayette314,488 habitants653 km
Stockton305,658 habitants3,822 km
Pittsburgh304,391 habitants306 km
Anchorage298,695 habitants5,415 km
Cincinnati296,943 habitants647 km
Meads288,649 habitants496 km
Ironville288,649 habitants494 km
Henderson285,667 habitants3,344 km
Greensboro285,342 habitants397 km
Saint Paul285,068 habitants1,487 km
Plano283,558 habitants1,884 km
Newark281,944 habitants319 km
Toledo279,789 habitants633 km
Lincoln277,348 habitants1,687 km
Orlando270,934 habitants1,221 km
Chula Vista265,757 habitants3,654 km
Jersey City264,290 habitants325 km
Chandler260,828 habitants3,172 km
Fort Wayne260,326 habitants733 km
Buffalo258,071 habitants471 km
Durham257,636 habitants362 km
St. Petersburg257,083 habitants1,344 km
Irvine256,927 habitants3,675 km
Laredo255,473 habitants2,437 km
Lubbock249,042 habitants2,298 km
Madison248,951 habitants1,137 km
Gilbert247,542 habitants3,165 km
Norfolk246,393 habitants237 km
Louisville243,639 habitants762 km
Reno241,445 habitants3,655 km
Winston-Salem241,218 habitants421 km
Glendale240,126 habitants3,192 km
Hialeah237,069 habitants1,483 km
Garland236,897 habitants1,884 km
Scottsdale236,839 habitants3,169 km
Irving236,607 habitants1,915 km
Chesapeake235,429 habitants241 km
North Las Vegas234,807 habitants3,350 km
Fremont232,206 habitants3,894 km
Baton Rouge228,590 habitants1,595 km
Lexington225,366 habitants656 km
Paradise223,167 habitants3,356 km
Richmond220,289 habitants154 km
Jamaica216,866 habitants341 km
San Bernardino216,108 habitants3,612 km
Spokane213,272 habitants3,373 km
Birmingham212,461 habitants1,061 km
Modesto211,266 habitants3,807 km
Des Moines210,330 habitants1,438 km
Rochester209,802 habitants477 km
Tacoma207,948 habitants3,751 km
Arlington207,627 habitants6 km
Fontana207,460 habitants3,625 km
Oxnard207,254 habitants3,771 km
Moreno Valley204,198 habitants3,613 km
Fayetteville201,963 habitants458 km
Huntington Beach201,899 habitants3,691 km
Yonkers201,116 habitants351 km
Glendale201,020 habitants3,694 km
Aurora200,661 habitants1,008 km
Montgomery200,602 habitants1,108 km
Columbus200,579 habitants1,014 km
Amarillo198,645 habitants2,233 km
Little Rock197,992 habitants1,433 km
Akron197,542 habitants453 km
Shreveport197,204 habitants1,665 km
Grand Rapids195,097 habitants855 km
Mobile194,288 habitants1,357 km
Salt Lake City192,672 habitants2,967 km
Huntsville190,582 habitants968 km
Tallahassee189,907 habitants1,151 km
Sunrise Manor189,372 habitants3,346 km
Grand Prairie187,809 habitants1,922 km
Overland Park186,515 habitants1,525 km
Knoxville185,291 habitants690 km
Worcester184,815 habitants580 km
Brownsville183,887 habitants2,397 km
Newport News182,385 habitants208 km
Santa Clarita182,371 habitants3,709 km
Harlem181,259 habitants339 km
Providence179,207 habitants578 km
Fort Lauderdale178,590 habitants1,451 km
East Flatbush178,464 habitants330 km
Spring Valley178,395 habitants3,364 km
Chattanooga176,588 habitants851 km
Tempe175,826 habitants3,173 km
Oceanside175,691 habitants3,656 km
Garden Grove175,393 habitants3,681 km
Rancho Cucamonga175,236 habitants3,638 km
Cape Coral175,229 habitants1,447 km
Santa Rosa174,972 habitants3,928 km
East New York173,198 habitants334 km
Vancouver172,860 habitants3,780 km
Sioux Falls171,544 habitants1,721 km
Peoria171,237 habitants3,195 km
Ontario171,214 habitants3,645 km
Jackson170,674 habitants1,396 km
Hollywood167,664 habitants3,702 km
Elk Grove166,913 habitants3,816 km
Springfield166,810 habitants1,436 km
Pembroke Pines166,611 habitants1,466 km
Port Saint Lucie164,603 habitants1,328 km
Salem164,549 habitants3,817 km
Corona164,226 habitants3,645 km
Eugene163,460 habitants3,833 km
McKinney162,898 habitants1,868 km
Fort Collins161,175 habitants2,398 km
Lancaster161,103 habitants3,662 km
Cary159,769 habitants378 km
Tempe Junction158,368 habitants3,176 km
Palmdale158,351 habitants3,665 km
Hayward158,289 habitants3,898 km
Salinas157,380 habitants3,894 km
Frisco154,407 habitants1,888 km
Springfield154,341 habitants519 km
East Chattanooga154,024 habitants845 km
Pasadena153,784 habitants1,955 km
Alexandria153,511 habitants10 km
Pomona153,266 habitants3,654 km
Washington Heights152,613 habitants343 km
Lakewood152,597 habitants2,408 km
Sunnyvale151,754 habitants3,904 km
Escondido151,451 habitants3,634 km
Kansas City151,306 habitants1,520 km
Astoria150,165 habitants338 km
Hollywood149,728 habitants1,463 km
Borough Park149,248 habitants324 km
Clarksville149,176 habitants946 km
Torrance148,475 habitants3,713 km
Valencia148,456 habitants3,713 km
Rockford148,278 habitants1,085 km
East Hampton147,993 habitants216 km
Joliet147,861 habitants983 km
Paterson147,754 habitants332 km
Bridgeport147,629 habitants413 km
Naperville147,100 habitants995 km
Boise145,987 habitants3,289 km
Savannah145,674 habitants843 km
Mesquite144,788 habitants1,888 km
Syracuse144,142 habitants468 km
Metairie Terrace142,489 habitants1,558 km
Pasadena142,250 habitants3,684 km
Orange140,992 habitants3,673 km
Fullerton140,847 habitants3,676 km
Killeen140,806 habitants2,069 km
Dayton140,599 habitants623 km
McAllen140,269 habitants2,429 km
Bellevue139,820 habitants3,731 km
Metairie138,481 habitants1,557 km
Miramar137,132 habitants1,468 km
Hampton136,454 habitants216 km
Van Nuys136,443 habitants3,709 km
West Valley City136,208 habitants2,978 km
Olathe134,305 habitants1,538 km
Warren134,056 habitants644 km
Columbia133,803 habitants652 km
Thornton133,451 habitants2,396 km
Carrollton133,168 habitants1,903 km
Midland132,950 habitants2,388 km
Charleston132,609 habitants729 km
Waco132,356 habitants1,998 km
Sterling Heights132,052 habitants651 km
Denton131,044 habitants1,911 km
Cedar Rapids130,405 habitants1,283 km
New Haven130,322 habitants441 km
Roseville130,269 habitants3,799 km
Gainesville130,128 habitants1,138 km
Visalia130,104 habitants3,704 km
Coral Springs129,485 habitants1,437 km
Thousand Oaks129,339 habitants3,743 km
Elizabeth129,007 habitants312 km
Stamford128,874 habitants383 km
Concord128,667 habitants3,884 km
Surprise128,422 habitants3,201 km
Lafayette127,657 habitants1,675 km
Topeka127,265 habitants1,611 km
Kent126,952 habitants3,735 km
Simi Valley126,788 habitants3,734 km
East Los Angeles126,496 habitants3,691 km
Santa Clara126,215 habitants3,897 km
Murfreesboro126,118 habitants894 km
Sunset Park126,000 habitants324 km
Koreatown124,281 habitants3,701 km
Hartford124,006 habitants488 km
Sheepshead Bay122,534 habitants325 km
Amherst122,366 habitants478 km
Victorville122,225 habitants3,595 km
Abilene121,721 habitants2,167 km
Vallejo121,253 habitants3,899 km
North Stamford121,230 habitants389 km
Berkeley120,972 habitants3,908 km
Norman120,284 habitants1,854 km
Allentown120,207 habitants232 km
Evansville119,943 habitants922 km
Columbia119,108 habitants1,323 km
Odessa118,968 habitants2,420 km
Fargo118,523 habitants1,833 km
Beaumont118,129 habitants1,843 km
Independence117,255 habitants1,502 km
Ann Arbor117,070 habitants680 km
El Monte116,732 habitants3,677 km
Athens116,714 habitants790 km
Springfield116,565 habitants1,089 km
Round Rock115,997 habitants2,101 km
Wilmington115,933 habitants526 km
East Harlem115,921 habitants339 km
Arvada115,368 habitants2,407 km
Provo115,264 habitants2,956 km
Peoria115,070 habitants1,091 km
Lansing115,056 habitants764 km
Downey114,219 habitants3,691 km
Carlsbad113,453 habitants3,655 km
Elmhurst113,364 habitants339 km
Costa Mesa113,204 habitants3,684 km
Miami Gardens113,187 habitants1,473 km
Westminster113,130 habitants2,402 km
North Peoria113,004 habitants1,091 km
Clearwater113,003 habitants1,328 km
Fairfield112,970 habitants3,877 km
Bushwick112,620 habitants333 km
Gravesend112,229 habitants324 km
Rochester112,225 habitants1,405 km
Elgin112,111 habitants1,014 km
Temecula112,011 habitants3,624 km
West Jordan111,946 habitants2,974 km
Inglewood111,666 habitants3,709 km
Richardson110,815 habitants1,890 km
Lowell110,699 habitants637 km
East Independence110,675 habitants1,496 km
Gresham110,553 habitants3,763 km
Antioch110,542 habitants3,864 km
Cambridge110,402 habitants633 km
High Point110,268 habitants419 km
Billings110,263 habitants2,681 km
Manchester110,229 habitants654 km
Murrieta109,830 habitants3,627 km
Centennial109,741 habitants2,392 km
Richmond109,708 habitants3,912 km
Corona109,698 habitants341 km
Pueblo109,412 habitants2,392 km
Pearland108,821 habitants1,969 km
Waterbury108,802 habitants450 km
West Covina108,484 habitants3,669 km
Enterprise108,481 habitants3,366 km
North Charleston108,304 habitants723 km
Everett108,010 habitants3,730 km
College Station107,889 habitants1,985 km
Palm Bay107,888 habitants1,253 km
Pompano Beach107,762 habitants1,438 km
Boulder107,349 habitants2,420 km
Norwalk107,140 habitants3,688 km
West Palm Beach106,779 habitants1,385 km
Broken Arrow106,563 habitants1,684 km
Daly City106,562 habitants3,929 km
Sandy Springs105,330 habitants859 km
Burbank105,319 habitants3,697 km
Green Bay105,207 habitants1,105 km
Santa Maria105,093 habitants3,851 km
Universal City105,000 habitants3,702 km
Wichita Falls104,710 habitants1,995 km
Lakeland104,401 habitants1,291 km
Clovis104,180 habitants3,723 km
Lewisville104,039 habitants1,907 km
Tyler103,700 habitants1,802 km
El Cajon103,679 habitants3,637 km
San Mateo103,536 habitants3,922 km
Brandon103,483 habitants1,313 km
Rialto103,132 habitants3,619 km
Davenport102,582 habitants1,186 km
Edison102,548 habitants288 km
Hillsboro102,347 habitants3,807 km
Las Cruces101,643 habitants2,776 km
South Bend101,516 habitants841 km
Vista100,890 habitants3,644 km
Greeley100,883 habitants2,368 km
Davie100,882 habitants1,459 km
Chinatown100,574 habitants3,922 km
San Angelo100,450 habitants2,276 km
Renton100,242 habitants3,733 km
Roanoke99,897 habitants312 km
Kenosha99,858 habitants997 km
Clinton Township99,753 habitants644 km
Columbia99,615 habitants42 km
Erie99,475 habitants443 km
Portsmouth Heights99,049 habitants238 km
Richmond Hill98,984 habitants340 km
Alief98,725 habitants1,984 km
Spring Hill98,621 habitants1,266 km
Albany98,469 habitants501 km
Compton98,462 habitants3,700 km
Tuscaloosa98,332 habitants1,139 km
League City98,312 habitants1,958 km
Flint98,310 habitants723 km
Allen98,143 habitants1,877 km
Mission Viejo97,156 habitants3,665 km
Vacaville96,803 habitants3,869 km
Ventura96,769 habitants3,778 km
Highlands Ranch96,713 habitants2,400 km
Lawton96,655 habitants1,958 km
Beaverton96,577 habitants3,792 km
South Gate96,401 habitants3,697 km
Portsmouth96,201 habitants238 km
Sparks96,094 habitants3,650 km
Brockton95,314 habitants621 km
Federal Way95,171 habitants3,741 km
Dearborn95,171 habitants644 km
Lee's Summit95,094 habitants1,500 km
New Bedford94,958 habitants601 km
Spokane Valley94,919 habitants3,359 km
Fordham94,678 habitants346 km
Livonia94,635 habitants659 km
Roswell94,501 habitants851 km
Orem94,457 habitants2,958 km
Yuma94,139 habitants3,437 km
Lawrence93,917 habitants1,573 km
The Woodlands93,847 habitants1,946 km
West Albany93,794 habitants503 km
Yakima93,701 habitants3,607 km
Quincy93,618 habitants632 km
Flatbush93,361 habitants328 km
Hesperia93,295 habitants3,600 km
Carson93,281 habitants3,708 km
Boca Raton93,235 habitants1,424 km
Santa Monica93,220 habitants3,719 km
San Marcos92,931 habitants3,640 km
Boyle Heights92,785 habitants3,694 km
Plantation92,560 habitants1,452 km
Lynn92,457 habitants649 km
Miami Beach92,312 habitants1,487 km
Arden-Arcade92,186 habitants3,811 km
Westminster92,114 habitants3,687 km
Longmont92,088 habitants2,404 km
Santa Barbara91,842 habitants3,807 km

Distances and routes in other countries

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Japan Distances127,288,000 inhabitants377,835 km2
Italy Distances59,830,000 inhabitants301,336 km2
Australia Distances23,130,000 inhabitants7,692,000 km2
France Distances64,768,389 inhabitants547,030 km2
Canada Distances35,160,000 inhabitants9,984,670 km2
USA Distances318,900,000 inhabitants9,834,000 km2
Hong Kong Distances79,235,000 inhabitants1104 km2
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United States administrative levels

Administrative nameLevelTotal
Federal District Level 11
Territories Level 16
States Level 150
Associated states Level 13
Counties Level 23142