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Distance between Detroit, MI and Brooklyn, NY
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Distance from Detroit, MI to Brooklyn, NY

Detroit and Brooklyn are separated by a distance of approximately 484.3 mi in a straight line.

See also the distance Detroit, MI to Brooklyn, NY calculated for a road trip (by car) , calculated for a bike ride , walk or public transport (bus, Metro, Train, Tram).

You also have the travel duration from Detroit top Brooklyn and the cost of fuel (gasoline or diesel) to cover the distance between Detroit and Brooklyn.

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Distance by car :
Travel's duration :
Distance in straight line :
484.3 mi
Cost Fuel (Gasoline) :
Cost Fuel (Diesel) :
Distance by bike :
Duration by bike :

Distance (by car) between Detroit and Brooklyn : .
Travel duration : .
Cost Fuel (Diesel): .
Cost Fuel (Petrol) : .

Weather in Detroit

scattered clouds
  • Temperatures : 4/7°C
  • Wind : 7.2 km/h
  • Pressure : 1020 hPa
  • Air humidity : 45 %
  • Cloud cover : 40 %
  • Sunrise : 10 h 43
  • Sunset : 00 h 19
  • Daylight hours : 13 h 35

Best routes from Detroit to Brooklyn

How to go to Detroit by bus from any cities or places ? What is the best route from Brooklyn to Detroit ? If you just wondering how far is Detroit from Brooklyn ? You can find answers at these questions on this page and even more information like duration of the trip, the shorter and faster routes. Below, you have links to rent a car in Detroit or Brooklyn if needed.

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