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USA States

Alaska660,633 habitants
Alabama4,530,315 habitants
Arkansas2,757,631 habitants
Arizona5,863,809 habitants
California37,691,912 habitants
Colorado4,678,630 habitants
Connecticut3,527,249 habitants
District of Columbia552,433 habitants
Delaware838,549 habitants
Florida17,671,452 habitants
Georgia8,975,842 habitants
Hawaii1,284,220 habitants
Iowa2,955,010 habitants
Idaho1,416,564 habitants
Illinois12,772,888 habitants
Indiana6,265,933 habitants
Kansas2,740,759 habitants
Kentucky4,206,074 habitants
Louisiana4,515,939 habitants
Massachusetts6,433,422 habitants
Maryland5,624,246 habitants
Maine1,325,518 habitants
Michigan9,883,360 habitants
Minnesota5,141,953 habitants
Missouri5,768,151 habitants
Mississippi2,901,371 habitants
Montana930,698 habitants
North Carolina8,611,367 habitants
North Dakota630,529 habitants
Nebraska1,757,399 habitants
New Hampshire1,316,216 habitants
New Jersey8,751,436 habitants
New Mexico1,912,684 habitants
Nevada2,399,532 habitants
New York19,274,244 habitants
Ohio11,467,123 habitants
Oklahoma3,547,049 habitants
Oregon3,642,919 habitants
Pennsylvania12,440,621 habitants
Rhode Island1,050,292 habitants
South Carolina4,229,842 habitants
South Dakota770,184 habitants
Tennessee5,935,099 habitants
Texas22,875,689 habitants
Utah2,427,340 habitants
Virginia7,642,884 habitants
Vermont624,501 habitants
Washington6,271,775 habitants
Wisconsin5,535,168 habitants
West Virginia1,817,871 habitants
Wyoming505,907 habitants

USA largest cities

VillesPopulationsDistance depuis Washington
New York City8,175,133 habitants329 km
Los Angeles3,792,621 habitants3,696 km
Chicago2,695,598 habitants958 km
Brooklyn2,300,664 habitants328 km
Borough of Queens2,272,771 habitants338 km
Houston2,099,451 habitants1,962 km
Philadelphia1,526,006 habitants199 km
Manhattan1,487,536 habitants336 km
Phoenix1,445,632 habitants3,186 km
The Bronx1,385,108 habitants347 km
San Antonio1,327,407 habitants2,232 km
San Diego1,307,402 habitants3,657 km
Dallas1,197,816 habitants1,905 km
San Jose945,942 habitants3,893 km
Indianapolis829,718 habitants791 km
Jacksonville821,784 habitants1,043 km
San Francisco805,235 habitants3,923 km
Austin790,390 habitants2,120 km
Columbus787,033 habitants526 km
Fort Worth741,206 habitants1,951 km
Charlotte731,424 habitants530 km
Detroit713,777 habitants636 km
El Paso649,121 habitants2,776 km
Memphis646,889 habitants1,228 km
New South Memphis641,608 habitants1,231 km
Baltimore620,961 habitants57 km
Boston617,594 habitants635 km
Seattle608,660 habitants3,741 km
Washington, D.C.601,723 habitants0 km
Denver600,158 habitants2,399 km
Milwaukee594,833 habitants1,022 km
Portland583,776 habitants3,782 km
Las Vegas583,756 habitants3,353 km
Oklahoma City579,999 habitants1,852 km
South Boston571,281 habitants634 km
Albuquerque545,852 habitants2,655 km
Nashville530,852 habitants912 km
Tucson520,116 habitants3,138 km
Fresno494,665 habitants3,731 km
Staten Island468,730 habitants310 km
Sacramento466,488 habitants3,821 km
Long Beach462,257 habitants3,703 km
Kansas City459,787 habitants1,515 km
Mesa439,041 habitants3,167 km
Virginia Beach437,994 habitants246 km
Atlanta420,003 habitants873 km
Colorado Springs416,427 habitants2,399 km
Omaha408,958 habitants1,628 km
Raleigh403,892 habitants375 km
Miami399,457 habitants1,490 km
Cleveland396,815 habitants491 km
Tulsa391,906 habitants1,698 km
Oakland390,724 habitants3,910 km
Minneapolis382,578 habitants1,501 km
Wichita382,368 habitants1,775 km
Honolulu371,657 habitants7,780 km
Arlington365,438 habitants1,932 km
Bakersfield347,483 habitants3,714 km
New Orleans343,829 habitants1,554 km
West Raleigh338,759 habitants375 km
Anaheim336,265 habitants3,676 km
Tampa335,709 habitants1,318 km
Aurora325,078 habitants2,386 km
Santa Ana324,528 habitants3,676 km
St. Louis319,294 habitants1,142 km
Pittsburgh305,704 habitants306 km
Corpus Christi305,215 habitants2,252 km
Riverside303,871 habitants3,627 km
Cincinnati296,943 habitants642 km
Lexington-Fayette295,803 habitants653 km
Anchorage291,826 habitants5,415 km
Stockton291,707 habitants3,822 km
Ironville288,649 habitants494 km
Meads288,649 habitants496 km
Toledo287,208 habitants633 km
Saint Paul285,068 habitants1,487 km
Newark277,140 habitants319 km
Greensboro269,666 habitants397 km
Buffalo261,310 habitants471 km
Plano259,841 habitants1,884 km
Lincoln258,379 habitants1,687 km
Henderson257,729 habitants3,344 km
Fort Wayne253,691 habitants733 km
Jersey City247,597 habitants325 km
Saint Petersburg244,769 habitants1,344 km
Chula Vista243,916 habitants3,654 km
Louisville243,639 habitants762 km
Norfolk242,803 habitants237 km
Orlando238,300 habitants1,221 km
Chandler236,123 habitants3,172 km
Laredo236,091 habitants2,437 km
Madison233,209 habitants1,137 km
Winston-Salem229,617 habitants421 km
Lubbock229,573 habitants2,298 km
Baton Rouge229,493 habitants1,595 km
Durham228,330 habitants362 km
Garland226,876 habitants1,884 km
Glendale226,721 habitants3,192 km
Lexington225,366 habitants656 km
Reno225,221 habitants3,655 km

Distances and routes in other countries

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Japan Distances127,288,000 inhabitants377,835 km2
Italy Distances59,830,000 inhabitants301,336 km2
Australia Distances23,130,000 inhabitants7,692,000 km2
France Distances64,768,389 inhabitants547,030 km2
Canada Distances35,160,000 inhabitants9,984,670 km2
USA Distances318,900,000 inhabitants9,834,000 km2
Hong Kong Distances79,235,000 inhabitants1104 km2
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United States administrative levels

Administrative nameLevelTotal
Federal District Level 11
Territories Level 16
States Level 150
Associated states Level 13
Counties Level 23142