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Stockton is located in the state of California. Stockton population is about 291,707 inhabitants and it represents 0.09% of the population of California.

On this page, you can calculate the roadmap from Stockton to other destinations. See also distances and routes between Stockton and other cities and get information such as travel time and estimated fuel cost. If you are just wondering how far is Stockton from another place or city, you are just at th good place to find this information.

Address, Place, City, ...

Address, Place, City, ...

City :
State :
Time zone :
Population :
Average altitude :
6 m
Currency :
Telephon code :

Weather in

  • Temperatures : 0/0°C
  • Wind : km/h
  • Pressure : hPa
  • Air humidity : %
  • Cloud cover : %
  • Sunrise : 00 h 00
  • Sunset : 00 h 00
  • Daylight hours : 00 h 00

Cities next to Stockton

Distance Stockton August Itinéraire Stockton August 8,390 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Kennedy Itinéraire Stockton Kennedy 3,254 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Country Club Itinéraire Stockton Country Club 9,379 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Taft Mosswood Itinéraire Stockton Taft Mosswood 1,530 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Garden Acres Itinéraire Stockton Garden Acres 10,648 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Lincoln Village Itinéraire Stockton Lincoln Village 4,381 inhabitants
Distance Stockton French Camp Itinéraire Stockton French Camp 3,376 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Morada Itinéraire Stockton Morada 3,828 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Waterloo Itinéraire Stockton Waterloo 572 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Lathrop Itinéraire Stockton Lathrop 18,023 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Manteca Itinéraire Stockton Manteca 67,096 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Lodi Itinéraire Stockton Lodi 62,134 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Linden Itinéraire Stockton Linden 1,784 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Victor Itinéraire Stockton Victor 293 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Peters Itinéraire Stockton Peters 672 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Woodbridge Itinéraire Stockton Woodbridge 3,984 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Acampo Itinéraire Stockton Acampo 341 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Terminous Itinéraire Stockton Terminous 381 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Farmington Itinéraire Stockton Farmington 207 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Lockeford Itinéraire Stockton Lockeford 3,233 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Tracy Itinéraire Stockton Tracy 82,922 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Ripon Itinéraire Stockton Ripon 14,297 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Collierville Itinéraire Stockton Collierville 1,934 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Mountain House Itinéraire Stockton Mountain House 9,675 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Escalon Itinéraire Stockton Escalon 7,132 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Thornton Itinéraire Stockton Thornton 1,131 inhabitants
Distance Stockton Dogtown Itinéraire Stockton Dogtown 2,506 inhabitants

Alternate names : SCK, Stockton, Stokt"n, Stokton, astaktwn, seutogteon, si tuo ke dun, stakatana, stwktwn kalyfwrnya, sutokkuton, Стоктон, Стоктън, استاکتون, ستوكتون، كاليفورنيا, سٹوکٹن, स्टकटन, ストックトン, 斯托克顿, 스톡턴

Places close to Stockton

Little John's Creek Subdivision 4 mi (7 km)
Lodi Industrial Park 12 mi (20 km)
Manteca Industrial Park 13 mi (20 km)
Union Island Gas Field 10 mi (16 km)
McMullin Ranch Gas Field 15 mi (24 km)
Lodi Gas Field 18 mi (28 km)
River Island Gas Field 20 mi (32 km)
Vernalis Gas Field 21 mi (33 km)
West Thornton-Walnut Grove Gas Field 21 mi (34 km)
Fremont Square 0 mi (0 km)
McLeod Park 0 mi (0 km)
Hunter Square 0 mi (0 km)
Eden Square 0 mi (0 km)
Banner Island Ballpark 0 mi (1 km)
Weber Square 0 mi (1 km)
Reyes Park 1 mi (1 km)
Gleason Park 1 mi (1 km)
Constitution Park 1 mi (1 km)
Lafayette Square 1 mi (2 km)
Columbus Square 1 mi (2 km)
American Legion Park 1 mi (2 km)
Union Square 1 mi (2 km)
Liberty Square 1 mi (2 km)
Victory Park 1 mi (2 km)
Hott Park 1 mi (2 km)
Friedberger Park 1 mi (2 km)
Stribley Park 1 mi (2 km)
Caldwell Park 2 mi (3 km)
Boggs Tract Park 2 mi (3 km)
Oak Park 2 mi (3 km)

Alternate names : SCK, Stockton, Stokt"n, Stokton, astaktwn, seutogteon, si tuo ke dun, stakatana, stwktwn kalyfwrnya, sutokkuton, Стоктон, Стоктън, استاکتون, ستوكتون، كاليفورنيا, سٹوکٹن, स्टकटन, ストックトン, 斯托克顿, 스톡턴

Airports near Stockton

Stockton Metropolitan AirportStockton8 km
Modesto City Co-Harry Sham FieldModesto47 km
Sacramento Executive AirportSacramento64 km
Travis Air Force BaseFairfield65 km
Sacramento Mather AirportSacramento66 km

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